Kami Scott Prayer and Bible Based Counseling

I'm often ask why I counsel. The quick answer is because God called me to and He has given me great compassion for people who are struggling with life.

The longer answer has to do with my own past struggles. I was a prodigal, battling an addiction to alcohol for about 13 years. I have been set free of many of the struggles related to my life as an alcoholic, such as depression, hopelessness and anger. I have been set free from relationship addiction as well.

I know the reality of feeling complete despair, to the point of wanting to commit suicide. I now walk in complete joy, although life is not free from pain. I have peace, where there was none.

Jesus set me and now He's given me a passion to help others who still struggle.

Sometimes Jesus heals immediately, but sometimes, we must walk through the pain unto victory!

He paid a high price for your freedom on the cross. Sometimes we need a little assistance in walking that freedom out. Sorting through faulty belief systems and standing firm on the Truth of God's Word is so important when dealing with life's issues. 

Prayer is what paved the way for my freedom. Prayer is our direct connection to the Healer. It is a vital part of this ministry.

He can and will set you free.

There is no one who is beyond hope!

Call me today to discover what He has for you.

In His Service,

Kami Scott