Written by Kami Scott   
Monday, 01 December 2008

I’m encouraged by what I have been hearing regarding changes in people’s attitudes toward Christmas gifts. We even ran several articles last month about ways to keep Jesus Christ at the center of His birthday.

I’ve been pondering the whole gift-giving idea and mediating on the reason for Christmas. We can always look to God to see how He demonstrates gift giving. He sent His one and only Son as a baby into this world to give His life to redeem us.               

That’s what I call the ultimate gift. God gave Himself. I have to ask myself, “How should I respond to that during Jesus’ birthday — Christmas?”

I’ve thought of gifts I could give to Jesus for His birthday. Sad to say, they don’t measure up in my mind, and the reality is that they are all pretty self centered. Even doing more to get healthy has some very self-centered benefits.

The secret to gift giving is to not expect compensation in return!

Can I give the ultimate gift to Jesus — myself? Would I be willing to sell everything I have and follow Him? (Matthew 19:21) Would I be willing to deny myself? (Matthew 16:24) Deny myself?

So, I reflected on a single day. How much time do I spend meeting my needs? This little exercise has been very revealing. I have little discipline and deny myself very little.

I looked around my house and realized just how much money I spend on me, for my comfort alone and a little pride as well. My shoe collection again has grown out of control. This is quite a bit of waste: things, time and money!

I have thought, “Can I give this gift, not expect anything in return, and not want to take it back? I prayerfully and reverently give to You, Jesus, me.”

Even as I typed that prayer, I thought, “Well, that’s not much of a gift.” But to Jesus, it’s everything!

What gift can you give Jesus? You may not think that you’re worth giving to Him as a gift, but Jesus died for you because you are so valuable to Him.