Steps To Overcoming Wounds of Rejection

1. Get to know your identity: Who You Are In Christ (read out loud every day for 2 weeks) (renounce means to verbally reject)

Recommended reading, “Victory Over The Darkness” by Neil T. Anderson

2. Pray and ask God to reveal all the people you need to forgive and then make a list.

3. Forgiveness: making a list and then choosing to forgive. If God commands it, He will enable you to forgive. Make sure you say something like:

Lord, I choose to forgive,_______________________, for (be specific in the nature of the offense), because it made me feel________________________________. (allowing God to heal those emotional wounds, will only come once we choose to forgive and acknowledge how we felt about it)

4. Make a list of all the incidents of rejection He brings to your mind. Then go to prayer, submitting them to Him and Ask Him to heal you of the wounds that have come from those rejections..

These may seem like simple steps, but renewing your mind with who you are in Christ and continueing to walk in forgiveness can take time. God will be faithful in His healing.

Beth Moore "A vacant part of the soul is a stronghold waiting to happen." Only Jesus can fill the vacancy in your soul. Trust Him to lead you through this process.

Blessings as you find healing in Him,