Our perception of time is interesting. Time seems to go by much faster as we age. As I prepared to give my testimony, I reflected about how my mom must have felt waiting for me to come back to the Lord. For years she prayed; for years I drank and ran from God.

The hope of answered prayer is inevitable, however, the waiting is seemingly unending. I have thought about the many prayers I have said on behalf of friends, loved ones and clients, waiting until the day the breakthrough comes. In some cases I cry out, “When, God? When!??”

Then, it happens in a moment: surrender. Answered prayer comes in a heartbeat. The prodigal returns home, broken, asking for forgiveness; a family is restored when a husband or wife comes home; a sinner repents, eternity granted; a stronghold is broken and someone walks in freedom; prophecy is fulfilled, and a child is born to save the world.

Those precious, sacred moments are what make our lives worth living!

“Dear Lord, You are great and mighty, loving and holy. You care about the moments that make up our lives. I come into agreement with every prayer said on behalf of a prodigal, a marriage, a family member who hasn’t met You, an addiction that hasn’t been broken and ask, Jesus, for this year to be filled with moments of surrender.

“Grant us the humility and grace to surrender all areas of our lives to you. Help us to come alongside those who are hurting. Allow us the privilege to be Your answers to a parent’s prayer or a child’s prayer, a wife’s or husband’s prayer. Help us to speak truth in love to those who struggle. Give us the grace to be Your hands and feet.

“Thank you, God, for the moments that are well worth the seemingly unending waiting. Help us to trust You fully. In Jesus precious name, Amen.”

If you are fighting God, give in. It takes but a moment to surrender.