I love my home! First, because it was a gift from God and second, it is where I am most at peace and rest. If asked to leave my home for an extended period of time, my response might not be an immediate affirmative.

Jesus was asked to do just that — leave His home to come to earth to be born, to live, to die and to be raised from the dead for our redemption. What an example of being willing to face discomfort in ministry, even unto death. This past couple of months, God has been stretching me into discomfort, especially with my time. I’m a firm believer in being balanced in my schedule and making sure that everything that is on my schedule is what God would have me do.

Often we do things out of guilt or a false sense of obligation.

However, I believe that I go to the other extreme at times. I guard my time and energy because I may need it for something important or just for the rest or maybe even from laziness or weariness.

Then I hear God say, “Am I not the giver of energy and doesn’t the Bible say I will supply ALL your needs, including energy?” I, of course, have to answer, “Yes.”

So God challenged me with my day-to-day work, ministry, counseling, Sole2Soul (used shoe sale for dump site kids) and worship to trust Him to supply every need. There were days I felt on the edge of exhaustion, but I prayed — or had someone pray — and I would make it through the day. I have heard many stories recently about God pushing people’s discomfort zones. It might be getting out of your house and visiting a neighbor, making a commitment to a ministry, giving a little more of your time, spending time with someone God has called you to, going abroad to the mission field or giving financially to someone.

When Jesus was born, discomfort was immediate. He dealt with all the discomforts we face as well as leaving His home and the ultimate gift of being in the presence of God. He faced it all, continually in prayer to His Heavenly Father, who indeed supplied every need.

Jesus’ departing gift was the Holy Spirit, who dwells within those who call upon the name of God. We have access to that endless power source to overcome any discomfort we might have or encounter.

Jesus was willing to temporarily endure discomfort. After all, He knew He got to return home. We have that same promise!

The Lord Jesus said in John 14:2-3, “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”

I can’t wait! Let’s give Jesus the gift of our willingness to walk in discomfort until His return.