As news reports come in of a priest and protestors being arrested for taking a stand against the murder of our unborn children, of bickering and finger-pointing by our country’s leaders, of the clear line of good and evil seemingly blurred by deceitful men and women and of the looming threat of not being able to preach the Word of God, I shudder internally and ask my God, “What can I do?”

The Scripture that comes to mind is Romans 12:2: “And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

The word that jumps out in big, bold print is “prove.” The Greek word for prove is “dokimavzw” and it means “to test, examine, prove, scrutinize (to see whether a thing is genuine or not), as metals and to recognize as genuine after examination, to approve, deem worthy.”

After participating in the National Day of Prayer, attending a Christian school fundraiser -- and also through some of the things that I have been reading -- I notice a theme is emerging: “waking up the sleeping lion, the Church of Christ.” So, we ask, how?

I believe part of the answer is found in Romans 12:2. Learn how to prove and recognize the good and acceptable and perfect will of God -- that is, understanding the Word of God and seeking His direction through prayer and study.

Edmund Burke, an Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist and philosopher from the 1700s, said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

If we are unable to recognize the will of God according to His Word, how can we stand against evil? How can we know if we’re being deceived if we don’t have the Word of God hidden in our hearts and can communicate with Him through prayer?

It would be great to have an army of committed Christ followers to defeat the evil that is invading this country. However, historically, that is not what is required. It only takes a few people who are committed to the truth to change the direction of a nation, a country, a city or, perhaps, the local church.

I’m challenging you and myself to dig in, to no longer be simply hearers of the Word, but doers.

Seek God to find out what He wants you to do. The answer will never be “nothing.”