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Encouragement Breathes Hope Into Hopelessness

Posted by Kamala Scott on Friday, October 22, 2010, In : Hope 

Recently we had a storm. As I looked out my bedroom window, I could see my three giant pine trees bowing to one another like three confused sumo wrestlers. I wondered if my old windows would withstand the onslaught of the pounding rain.

I’ve felt a bit like my old windows lately, wondering if I could withstand the onslaught of another challenging phone call.

My dad had a stroke in early July 2009. (He’s doing great now!) Since his stroke, I have been dreading the telephone ringing becau...

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In Hope Believe

Posted by Kamala Scott on Thursday, September 30, 2010, In : Hope 
“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed.” (Romans 4:18)

As I read this Scripture, it resounded in my soul: Against all hope,
Abraham in hope believed.

Talk about a hopeless set of circumstances. Abraham was about 100 years old, and his wife’s womb was dead (see Romans 4:20, 21). God had promised him a child and still no child came.

But Abraham, against all hope, in hope believed. God did deliver, in His time.

Circumstances, circumstances, circumstances -- all seem hopeless. But in hope ...
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