Often in our busy schedules we become bound to make it from task to task. Last week I was gently reminded to stop and breathe God in and breathe God out.

I love going to my parents’ cottage in McGregor, Minn. Sadie, my dog, loves it also. She gets to run free, chasing whatever small animal or bird attracts her attention. During one of her runs, God tapped me on the shoulder as I walked. It was like coming out of the daze of going from task to task.

I was on a dirt road and just stopped and looked up. As the wind blew, the leaves on the trees looked like thousands of green butterfly wings preparing to take flight. Then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I smelled the dirt, and it reminded me of being in the garden with my grandpa planting potatoes. I could almost feel the dirt underneath my fingernails from so many years ago. I could smell wild flowers and the wetness of the moss from the forest that lined the road. I could feel the coolness of the air brush my face like a child’s butterfly kisses.

I felt peace come into my soul, calmness to my mind. I remembered the joy of living.

This all happened in a couple of very long minutes, but it’s made a lasting impact on me. I took those precious moments with me into leading worship on a recent Sunday, breathing God in and breathing God out. It was as if God wanted to remind me about the preciousness of what He created, that He did come to earth to give life in abundance, not just for making it through a long checklist of tasks.

I now try to remember to simply stop and breathe, use the senses God gave me and remember Him, the grantor and preserver of life. Although we have tasks that need to be completed here on earth, take a moment and let God remind you of the life in abundance He came to give.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

-- John 10:10