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Get Into Your Discomfort Zone

Posted by Kamala Scott on Friday, November 5, 2010, In : Discomfort 

I love my home! First, because it was a gift from God and second, it is where I am most at peace and rest. If asked to leave my home for an extended period of time, my response might not be an immediate affirmative.

Jesus was asked to do just that — leave His home to come to earth to be born, to live, to die and to be raised from the dead for our redemption. What an example of being willing to face discomfort in ministry, even unto death. This past couple of months, God has been stretching...

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Let It Be Done With Diligence!

Posted by Kamala Scott on Monday, November 1, 2010, In : Diligence 

You would have to use all of your fingers and toes to be able to count how many times my father has received this kind of call:
“Daddy, something has happened to my car.”

His response was always, “Where are you? I’m on my way.”

Of course, most of those calls were never on the warmest, sunniest days. It seems car trouble always happens on the coldest or rainiest days. I can remember a day when my monster Chevy station wagon decided to quit, it was at least 20 below zero. And, of course...

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